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The infrastructure deployment for any server application workload in any organization — small, medium, or large—requires meticulous planning in terms of identifying the required capacity, best practices for application deployment, and planning for future growth and scalability—while focusing on the business priorities.

At Dell, we understand the challenges this poses to the IT decision makers and administrators. Our Dell vStart infrastructure solutions are designed to address these challenges. These solutions are designed to help our customer realize the benefits of an infrastructure investment faster.

In a recent effort to develop an application recipe for vStart solution, we implemented SharePoint Server 2010 on top of vStart 100 with Microsoft Hyper-V solution – also known as vStart 100m.

In this effort, we leveraged the architecture and design principles of vStart solution and complimented this with application best practices to build a SharePoint Server 2010 farm that is highly available at all tiers of the farm.

The following are some of the key benefits from the Integration between Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and vStart 100m, Dell’s pre-built virtualization solution configured for Microsoft Hyper-V, include:

  • Leveraging vStart infrastructure for a SharePoint Server 2010 farm deployment enables faster time-to-value for the SharePoint application.
  • The underlying vStart design along with application best practices helps ensure high availability of all SharePoint farm roles.
  • We validated this SharePoint 2010 farm deployment on up to 3500 concurrent users with a farm response time of 0.1 seconds and approximately 285 requests per second with a collaboration usage profile using the Dell SharePoint Load Generation framework.

To summarize, leveraging vStart infrastructure solution for deploying SharePoint Server farm derives several benefits. This includes rapid time-to-value for SharePoint application, high availability at all tiers of the SharePoint farm, and infrastructure capacity that can accommodate any future needs of a SharePoint farm.

For more information on this reference architecture and component configuration details, refer to “Implementing SharePoint Server 2010 on Dell vStart solution”.