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OpenManage 6.3

OpenManage Server Administrator 6.3 (Managed Node), 2075_A00
OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node V6.3.0 enables easy management and administration of local and remote systems using extensive integrated management services. The server administrator is just on the managed system and is accessible both locally and remotely from the Server Administrator home page.

Dell DVD ISO - Dell Systems Build and Update Utility, 6.3.0 277_A00
SBUU - This is a 1.3 GB file containing the Dell Systems Build and Update Utility, a bootable utility for a single server operating system installation , pre-OS firmware updates and pre-OS system configuration. Dell IT Assistant 8.7

IT Assistant provides a central point of access to monitor and manage system in a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). IT Assistant allows an administrator a comprehensive view across the enterprise and improves system availability, automates repetitive tasks and prevents interruptions in critical business operations. IT Assistant can be installed only on 32-bit Windows systems, however, both managed 32-bit and manage 64-bit systems and monitor.

Systems Service and Diagnostics Tools 6.3
includes the Dell Systems Service and Diagnostic Tools DVD diagnostics on the operating system level and software components to find hardware problems and fix them. Allows the user to perform a troubleshooting the system using the online diagnostics from Dell. The DVD also contains utilities to install the latest drivers.

SBUU (4 ISOs that have to be compiled) - This is the full OM 5.4 DVD, also known as SMTD (system management tools, and documentation). It is bootable to install the operating system. With this DVD, you can install Server Administrator 5.4, IT Assistant 8.2 and BMC Console. It also contains Content Manager.

Server Update Utility 1.7 (OM_5.4.1_SUU_A00.ISO)
you can burn the media, load the ISO as virtual media through the DRAC or ISO unzip with Winrar.

Server Administrator 5.4 (OM_5.4.0_mannode_a01.exe)

OpenManage snmp patch (om_5.4.0.1_man_node_win_a00.msp)
fixes and improvements: This patch refers to a condition that can occur in Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) 5.4.0 when the optional Storage Management component is installed : * SNMP Services is installed on a system that has OMSA, can crash or be stopped while the system recognition by Dell OpenManage IT Assistant or if OMSA is specifically requested for storage devices via SNMP from other systems management applications.

Server Admin 5.4 MSP (om_5. 4.0_mannode_a01.msp). This Server Administrator 5.3 is upgraded to 5.4 IT Assistant 8.2 and BMC Console (om_5.4.0_mgmtstat_a00.exe) User BMC Console (5.4 has not been posted)

IT Assistant Service Pack (om_5.4.0_mgmtstat_a00.msp ) - hereby ITA is 8.1 updated to 8.2.

OpenManage 5.3

Dell CD ISO - Dell System Build and Update Utility 1.6
This is a bootable CD that allows you to install the operating system or to update the firmware outside of the operating system.