Howto setup OME/SA to report Errors via E-Mail?

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Howto setup OME/SA to report Errors via E-Mail?

  • Hello Dell-Community,

    our company decided to use Dell instead of HP. I have no problems with dell but we used HP for years and we knew about the possibillities to configure the HP-PSP (ProLiant-Support-Pack) to send mails in case of broken harddrives etc.

    Now we've setup OME. We're able to:

    • scan Subnets for servers
    • deploy Server-Administrator via OME-Console
    • deploy Firmware, drivers etc via OME-Console
    So far so good...but how will I get reported if there's a hardware-failure at one of my machines? I found no option in OME to setup E-Mail for managed servers. In Server-Admin on the managed systems I found an option, but I cannot configure the sender and I don't know how to setup what errors I will get reported.
  • Hi Miranda,

    I think the embedded video and the forum entrie should help you.

    On this page you can find more guidance for open manage essentials.


    Best regards


  • thanks! Thats it!