How to gather DSET report from ESXi 4.1, 5.0

New DSET (3.2) allow us to collect reports from remote systems including ESXi. However there are some limitations and requirements:

  • you have to have OMSA installed on the target host (training states min. 5.5, I have tested with 6.5),
  • when collecting DSET from ESXi, there is less information than on "normal" systems,
  • I did not manage to collect controller log using this way until now (you can still gather it manually from OMSA live)

In order to collect DSET remotely you can install it on any client system (laptop, desktop, workstation). Supported OS - Windows XP, Vista,  7.



Please download the latest version of DSET here.


Launch installation package on the client system

Accept license

Choose "Install DSET Components" option

Choose “DSET collector”

Confirm installation path

Fill out the Full Name and Organization Fields

Start installation

Finish installation without collecting the DSET

Collecting DSET


Press "Windows Key" + "r" and type cmd


Change working directory:

cd c:\Program Files\Dell\AdvDiags\DSET\bin

Start collecting DSET from remote system:

Enable SSH on your ESXi host first!


DellSystemInfo.exe -s TARGET_IP_ADDR -u root -d hw,sw,st,lg,ad -r c:\

You will be prompted for a root password. If desired, you can add -p option to include password into command.

In the above example DSET will be collected to our local disk c:\ and will be named