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OpenManage Server Administrator:

Click on Clear Log below System -> Logs -> Hardware


Click on Clear Log to delete the Server Eventlog via the iDRAC Web interface.

Or you press <Ctrl> + <E> after a reboot to start the Baseboard Management Controller respectively the iDRAC BIOS.
In the menu System Event Log choose Clear System Event Log.

G12 Systems (for example R720, R620, T320):

During reboot press <F2> -> iDRAC Settings -> System Event Log

Afterwards please set the check mark for Clear Records to Yes.

Then press <ESC> or choose Back in the menu and confirm the following requests.

IPMI Command:

Start the IPMItool (for example IPMItool or IPMIutil) directly on the server or remote with the following command:

IPMI<Programm> SEL delete


IPMI<Programm> SEL clear

Depending on the tool the command may differ!