I am connected to the AC adapter to recharge the battery of my laptop Dell XPS 15z. But the battery is not charging (system doesn't show a plug icon) and the Dell Battery Health Meter states that my battery is performing normally, even though the battery capacity is showing 6% remaining. The adapter works fine and the computer is still working -- but only when connected via the adapter. Now I'm receiving a consistent orange battery status light and when I press the battery status button it says 280 hr 12 min (6%) remaining (since hours!). I just replaced the Dell battery today by a brand new one in order to solve this problem, but it didn’t change anything. I used different adapters from friends as well, didn't change a thing. With the old battery I was not able to switch on my computer anymore and I’m afraid the same thing will happen again if I don’t find a solution soon. I updated the drivers, I checked BIOS, power properties, etc... nothing seems to work. What can I do??? I really like this laptop and otherwise it works perfectly fine. I'm desperate :(