Dear Technical Support Team,

Regarding Dell Power vault MD3260i having out of warranty.  Kindly check the below snapshot.

         Storage server connected 51 SAS hard disk 4 TB configured ISCSI target server with windows server client system.

Last month storage server communication loss with windows server. While we check the storage server management software to find the issue is 9 Hard disk already Failed. Disk pool is disconnected.

Previous maintenance contract company not care, they are not doing proper maintenance in this server. we received this complaint our company contract agreement under the contract sign.  But, this issue we are already updated to the client for the site visit.  Now we will rectify that issue. 

We done the below process

1) we already bought the 4 TB SAS hard disk 5 number replaced in the storage. but physical hard disk counting is increased in 51 to 56. after that two progressing in the storage management software going on rebuild-ed for disk pool and second process for adding physical disk operation. we done this operation in 20th august 2017.

2) Physical hard disk counting is increased. we removed existing failed hard disk directly replaced the new SAS hard disk. but not able to solved. 

What are procedure to follow that hard disk replacement for nine disk failed. How to get back Virtual disk without data loss my server 4 numbers only.  12 windows server communication in this storage server in 8 server is working fine, 4 windows server iscsi communication loss. How to rectify. kindly help me sir.

If you need the technical support also Warranty up gradation, what procedure to follow warranty up gradation procedure? Kindly give me the contact details.

For warranty up gradation, will do that process to pay in warranty, after that same condition retrieve storage server issue or not? please confirm.

Or if you need more information for the storage log will provide you.

Kindly reply to me, help me the troubleshooting for this issue.

With Regards,


Company: Vostok Trading LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mobile: 00971 553315029