In case that the ServiceTag was not set correct or if it is not displayed in the Web Interface, you have the option to correct it.

Use always the ServiceTag, which is located directly on the system.


For preparation:
If not available, Please download PuTTY.
You need direct access to the library.

+   up
-   down
X  back
← enter

Press one time (← enter) to go to the main menu...

...and with (- down) go to "Service" and press (← enter).

With (-down) go to the last option "Telnet Service Port" and press (← enter)...

...and confirm with (← enter) on "<Proceed>". Now you get a message that the command is running. This message disappears after a short time.

Now you can start PuTTY. Select the IP of the library and set the "Connection type" to Telnet.

Click "Open" to start the connection.

At first, log in as an administrator.
To do this, use the command "login"

Standarduser: admin
Standardpassword: secure

now you will see "login ok".

Now you have the option with the command
to change the ServiceTag. Please do NOT use the sample ServiceTag, but the one that is physically written on your system.

This should also be displayed after a new login in the web interface.