Download the latest firmware for the Library from the Dell Support Page or the FTP.

Rename the *.exe to a *.zip and unpack it to a local destination of your choice.

  • Update Library

Connect to the library via the web interface and sign in.

Standard user: admin
Standard passwort: password


Select „Update Library Firmware“ function beneath in „Tools“.

Wait until the "Disk Space Preparation" process is finished.

Choose "Search" and select the location of the *.tar file.


After confirming with "Apply", you will get a message that the library must be restarted. Please acknowledge this message with "OK".

Progress is shown.

After the upload is complete, the login screen appears. Here you have to wait until the system finish the reboot. (The web interface is not available at this time)

When the library is rebooted, you can check the current version. This can be found here: "Reports" ->  "System Information" -> "Physical Library" -> "Firmware Version".

  • Update Drive 

You have the possibility to update the firmware via the web interface for the drive/s, but this way takes a long time. A faster solution is the update via the "IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool" (ITDT).

Select „Drive Operations“ function beneath in „Tools“.

Select "Update tape drive firmware using a firmware image file" and confirm with "Next".

Now choose all drives which you want to update. (only one generation per pass possible)

Choose "Search" and select the location of the firmware.

Please confirm the message that the partition needs to be taken offline.

After the update is finished you'll get the "Completed" message.

Again, you have the option to display the firmware version/s of the currently installed drives. These can be found here: "Reports" ->  "System Information" -> "Drives" -> "Firmware Level".