Note: Veeam and some other backup applications are certified only but not supported by DELL.

The current solution by Dell to resolve the issue where the internal IBM tape device is disappearing in Windows and in the backup application immediately or sporadically while it is touched by the application or ITDT and is connected to a PERC H330 (it doesn´t matter if the TBU is set to RAID or HBA mode), with IBM device drivers loaded/installed] is to go ahead and install the Microsoft Windows default/Inbox drivers. The reason for that is that per Dell engineering the IBM TBU devices drivers are not tested/certified and supported by Dell. We tested the solution provided by IPS in our LAB and were able to get the TBU running with Veeam. Please go ahead like described below:


LAB test Environment:
-  Power Edge T430 with PERC H330 adapter and  internal LTO 6 TBU
- Windows 2012R2 with latest patch level of 06/2016
- Veeam Backup&Replication
- Tested PERC H330 FW releases:,,
- Tested PERC driver: 6.603.07.00

 Please Note: this should work with each TBU FW/driver, PERC FW/driver, OS patch level and backup application (latest patch level for OS and backup application, TBU FW/driver, PERC FW/driver is always strongly recommended)

 1.  Uninstall the currently installed IBM driver by using the `uninst.exe‘ from the IBM driver package:

After the necessary reboot the LTO device is marked with a yellow bang in the Windows Device Manager.

Now you have to install the Windows Inbox (default) driver manually:

 After an additional reboot the TBU is should/had to be shown as `LTO Tape drive’ and the driver provide is Microsoft with release 6.3.9600.16384 (current version if W2K12R2 is in use)

 Note: in some cases the TBU is still shown as `IBM Ultrium x HH Tape Drive` with the MS driver installed. This might happen due to Windows updates which installs some stuff of the IBM drivers incorrectly which could result in an invalid driver configuration that might cause unpredictable behavior including disappearing or inoperable devices.
To resolve this download the original IBM driver package and follow the stuff above. If this does not resolve the issue the OS might need to be re-installed.


2. Now you should be able to run an inventory on Tape(s) that are previously formatted/written by Veeam.

 You might continue using this media for restore or backups without any further actions.

 3. If there are Tapes that could not be inventoried or used otherwise by Veeam, you should use ITDT to erase this media to make it usable again.
This might happen if the media was written or used by diagnostic tools like ITDT, different backup solutions or might be written by Veeam itself using different version or setting like different block sizes.

In this case, tape need to be erased before it could be used by Veeam again.
Please do this as follows by using ITDT:

Choose  [ U ] Tapeutil und Enter

Choose [1] Open a Device und Enter

Hit `Enter`

Continue with ´Enter`

Continue with ´Enter`

The device is now opened, Continue with ´Enter`

Choose [28] Erase und Enter

Erase tape is now started.

Note: This could take several hours for each tape and could not be interrupted by any tapeutil command except resetting the TBU by pressing the tape unload button for 15 seconds (the erase process should be run for at least 3 minutes) after that you are able to get the previously used medias running again in Veeam or any other backup application.

In case of you will get following error message after starting the erase process please proceed like:

Try to follow the steps below and and try to erase again the tapes:

  1. Check if the tape media is loaded if not please insert a the media
  2. Unload/ Load the media
  3. Reboot the system/ server