Before you log in to the web interface, please update Java on your system: Java update.

Download the latest firmware for the drive from the Dell Support Seite  or the FTP.

Rename the *.exe to a *.zip file.

Unpack it to a local folder on your client PC or Server.

Connect to the web interface of the Autoloader.

At the security message, please accept and click on "Run".

Sign in at the Autoloader.

Standard user: admin
Standard passwort: secure

Click on the + symbol next to Service Library to open the options beneath and select “Firmware Update” from the list.

Please confirm this message with "OK".

Select the location of the extracted firmware file.

Please confirm the below message with “Yes”.

The upload will start ...

After the update, you can proceed directly to the drive update.


Upon the confirmation of the upload the library must be taken offline. Please confirm this message with "Yes".

Transfer of data in progress.

You will be notified as soon as the download has finished..

Now you can switch the TL1000 back online.

Now you can check under the "System Summary" pane (start view) the installed firmware versions.