Download the latest firmware for the drive from the Dell Support Page (TL2000 TL4000) or the FTP (TL2000 TL4000).
Rename the *.exe to a *.zip and unpack it to a local destination of your choice.

We only need the *.fbi file within the "Library - X.XX"-folder.

Stop all running jobs of your backup software and wait until the display shows „Idle Ready“.

Connect to the autoloader via the web interface and sign in.

Standard user: admin
Standard passwort: secure

Click on the + symbol next to Service Library to open the options beneath..

Click on “Upgrade Firmware”. Then select Browse and choose the location of the extracted *.fbi file and Update. The library will do the rest of the update.

You can update the firmware for the drives too, but this may take a long time. A faster solution for the drives is to use the update function in ITDT.