The small tool comes directly from the manufacturer of the hardware and does not require a backup software. You can download it here: ITDT.

After the installation of ITDT as an administrator on the server, run the itdt.exe or in Linux ./itdt.
(It is necessary to stop all services of the backup software before!)

Download the latest firmware for the drive from the Dell Support Page  or the FTP.

Rename the *.exe to a *.zip and unpack it. We only need the *.ro or the *.fmrz file. Please paste this file in the "Input"-folder directly within the ITDT installed folder.

Select "L" to go to the last page of the license agreements.

Then confirm with "i".

Select "S" to search for available drives.

Select the number of the drive which you want to update. (in this example 4)

The X in column # shows the selected drive. With „F“ you can access the Firmware Update function.

Here are all firmware versions visible, which have previously been imported by you into the "Input" folder.
In this example we need the LTO6 firmware. Select the number of the firmware which you want to update. (in this example „1“)

The X in column shows the selected firmware version. Please go ahead with "C" to continue. There will be an overview of all current settings.

If you checked everything confirm with "S". The firmware update starts.

After the update the drive will reboot.

With „R“ you can go back to the drive selection.

Now the new firmware version is visible.