For Quantum tape drives it is not possible to use the ITDT. The manufacturer provides their own tool which is available for download on the Quantum Webpage.

Select the correct operating system and the type of your drive.
After downloading, start the installation as an administrator.

Install xTalk on your server, which is connected to the drive.

After the installation, start xTalk as administrator too.
(It is necessary to stop all services of the backup software before!)

Choose the drive you want to test on the left hand pane.

Perform the "Device_Health_Check", which can be found within the "Full Diagnostics", to run the general test. This will take about 20 minutes.

To perform the full write- and readtest, select "Write_Read_FullTape", which can be found in the "Individual Tests" section.
Depending on the technology and the number of errors it can take about 6 hours or longer.

When both tests are passed, click "Save" on the top left and enter the location and name of the log file.