This manual shows how to set an IP-adresse or changing the Adminstrator-Password with the Password-Reset-Cable (Serial-Cable).


  1. Connect with the Serial-Cable from the Host or Client to one of the Controller.
  2. Open a Terminal-Session.
    (In this case we use Putty)
  3. Choose Serial as Connection Type and click in the menu on the left side to change more settings. 

  4. There you have to set the connection-settings like shown in the screenshot.

  5. Please click Open and the console will occure.
  6. Press CTRL+Break at the same time.
  7. You now will request to press SHIFT + s at the same time to enter the Servicemenu.
  8. When the password query occures please insert supportDell and press Enter.
  9. Then the following Menu occures.

  10. In this Menu you can display and change the IP-Adresse of the Controller you are connected to. Also you are able to reset the Administrator-Password of the Storage-Array.
    Please be aware: After changing the IP-Adresse the controller want to restart. This is needed to activate the changes.

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