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>> Please run the Swap of a Battery only after you have consult the DELL-Support.

  1. Set the Controller Offline

    1. Please open the Modular Disk Storage Manager and connect to the Storage which shows the Failure.
    2. Than click the  TAB Support.
    3. In the Menue click Manage RAID Controller Modules.
    4. Now click Place RAID Controller Module Online or Offline.
    5. Now you have to choose the correct Controller in the Drop Down Menu and press OK.

  2. Swap the Battery

    1. Remove the Controller which is Offline
    2. Release the Screw on the Backside and the Side of the Controller.
    3. Open the Cover and release the Battery-Screw. Than you can remove the Battery.

    4. To assemble the new Battery use the inverse Way and set the Controller Online, like in 1.e shown (but use Online instead of Offline).