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This Manual shows how to reset the Battery Age of a MD3000 or a MD3000i

>> Important: This Failure can only occure with a 1st Gen Firmware (e.g. 06.70.XX.XX).

  1. Open the Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM).

  2. Connect to the Storage respectively choose them from the drop-down-menu.

  3. Than click to the tab Tools.

  4. Now you have to choose the Link Reset Battery Age.

  5. In the next menu you can see the age and the status of the batteries of both controller. If you click both Reset-Buttons you can restore the Age to 0.

  6. Now the storage is shown as optimal again.

Tip: We recommend to update the storage-firmware as soon as possible to the 2nd generation to avoide this failure in the future.

The manuals can be found here: