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If a HDD is in Status Impending- or Predictive-Failure you have to set these Offline before you swap it. This Manual will show how to do this. You also can set a HDD Offline in a attached Expansion-Enclosure (f.e. MD12x0 or MD3060e).

>> This Manual will only work with a Firmware or older.

  1. Open the Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM).
  2. Connect to the Storage which shows the Failure. 
  3. Click the tab Hardware.
  4. Mark the harddrive, which shows the impending-status. If it is done, the harddrive will show a blue border stripe.

  5. Click in the menu bar the link Advanced. Than choose Recovery and there Fail Physical Disk.

  6. The harddrive will went then in failed-status and will be marked with a white X on a red ground.

  7. Now you can swap the harddrive without any problems.

    Tip: If you use a HotSpare it will start a rebuild.