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To gather the support information of a MD32x0(i), MD36x0i or a MD36x0f please follow the shown Steps.

  1. Open the Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM).
  2. Connect to the storage, which support information you want to gather.
  3. Choose the tab Support.
  4. Now choose the link Gather Support Information.

  5. In the next dialog box, which will appear click Save Support Information.
  6. Please choose a Name and a Location where you want to safe the support information via clicking Browse
    Tip: If you give no Name the System will automatically choose a label. 
  7. Then click Start and the support information will be gathered automatically.
  8. After the information where gathered successfully you can click Done to close the window.

  9. The support information are created at the named location as a *.zip-File
  10. Please send the Technical Support this File to check the cause of the failure.
    Tip: The support information are not saved with a password and should not be larger than 3 MB.