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Please Note before Update:

- Do a backup of your data!
- The update-process could take up to 30 minutes and both EMM will be restarted.
- For the update the primary storage have to be in the optimal-state.
- We recommend to do the Update in a Downtime, cause the IO to the expansion enclosure will be stopped during the update.
- Please check the compatibility-guide of your software-/OS-vendor if the Firmware is approved.

This manual describe how to update a MD1000, which is attached to a MD3000 or MD3000i.

  1. Please download the needed Firmware of the MD3000(SAS) or MD3000i(iSCSI) - according to the primary Chassis.

    1. Firmware: MD3000 Download
    2. Firmware: MD3000i Download

  2. Extract the downloaded controller-firmware.
  3. Please be shure that the current Firmware is installed to the Main Chassis.
  4. Update the firmware as follows:
    1. Open the Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM) and connect to the primary chassi you want to update.
    2. Choose the tab Support.
    3. Choose in there the item Download Firmware.
    4. Now click the item Download Enviormental (EMM) Card Firmware.
      This Menue is only shown if one or more MD1000 are attached.
    5. Please choose the MD1000 you want to update from the shown list. If you want to update all attached expansion-enclosure you can also mark the checkbox Select All.
    6. Now click Select File and please choose the File with the Ending *.bin.
    7. If you clck the Start-Button you will begin the Update.