This post was written by Dianne Roman, Dell Enterprise Customer Loyalty

Addressing customers’ need for right information at the right time is a top priority for Enterprise Customer Loyalty.  While 90% of customers are satisfied with our products, one of the top complaints regularly cited in our surveys and customer research is the ease of access to and availability of information online; specifically, product-related information to educate and enable customers to become self-sufficient to troubleshoot issues.

 The Experience Design Group (EDG) developed the Quick Resource Locator (QRL) on the 12th Generation of PowerEdge servers to do just that! The QRL feature provides customers with instant access to extensive system information and comprehensive how-to videos by utilizing their smartphone and a model specific QR (Quick Response) code. 

 Some key service information provided by the PowerEdge QRL includes: 

  • 240 How-To videos – concise and detailed step-by-step component specific videos, each less than 90 sec
  • Reference materials  - owner’s manual, LCD diagnostics, electrical overview, and icon legend
  • Service tag look up –hardware configuration and warranty information
  • Contact Dell – direct links to Technical Support and Sales

Since launching the PowerEdge 12th Generation servers, user access and activity on the QRL site has shown a steady upward trajectory:

  • 15,000+ site visits from users across 73 countries
  • 5,000+ application downloads
  • 50 downloads / day
  • 17,000+ videos viewed

The ability of the QRL to educate and enable customers is clearly evident in its growing popularity and the feedback we have received from customers. 

“Instant access to all the documentation you need”
“This is a very good educational tool in general”
“So simple yet so smart and practical”

EDG continues to look for ways to differentiate Dell and support customers through innovation. The group is currently working to integrate additional Sales and Support features into the QRL to create a key channel of communication with our customers. They are also working with our Storage and Networking teams to identify strategic opportunities in utilizing QRL codes for these product lines.

So tell us what you think! We understand that a good knowledge base is a “must-have” for our customers so share your ideas on how we can better leverage QR codes to help address your technical challenges. 

Special thanks to Kevin Terwilliger (QRL Project Lead, Experience Design Group) who contributed information to this article.

For more on Dell QRL and a quick preview of how the Dell QRL code works, check out Kevin’s blog “The Power To Do More – At Your Fingertips” .