If you receive the #149 error code, please follow the steps below to solve this problem. The latest Firmware version can fix a lot of problems:

For the next steps we need the following Files:

The next steps were done with a Dell Tower 1000W UPS for example. The steps for a Rack UPS are similar.

Switch the UPS to Standby Mode by pressing the Power Button at the Back of the UPS for 3 seconds. The UPS will confirm this with a Beeping.

Please consider that in Standby Mode all attached Devices will no longer be provided with power, the Load Segments will shut off.

The LCD status should change from


After that please disconnect the Power Cable from the UPS. After round about 10 seconds the UPS will shut down.

Open the Front Door of the UPS and disconnect the Battery cable.

Reconnect the battery cable after one minute again.

Close the front door of the UPS again.
Connect the Power Cable and power up the UPS again.
Perform the firmware update. I used the USB cable connection to the UPS.
Install the Dell UPS Firmwareupgrade Tool as shown:

Choose the desired directory:

Clarify where the Icons should be placed on the system if necessary.

After the successful installation start the Upgrade Tool.


You can also perform the Update with the Network Management Card (if available).
Please add the necessary Information (IP, Username, Password).
The UPS has to be in Standby Mode during this Procedure.


Click the „...“ Button and choose the Firmware file for your UPS.

Choose “Aktualisieren“ or update, the process will start and you will see a progress bar:

After the Update finished, we have to clear the Error Log of the UPS.

Please follow the steps:
Press and Hold the „<“ Button.

Navigate with the Arrow Keys to the Sub-Menu „Kontrolle“ and press the middle hook symbol:

There you have to choose the menu item „Fehlerstatus löschen“.

Confirm the Message „Warnmeldung zurücksetzen“ or clear error log with „yes“.

After that the UPS will restart...

...and the Error Log will be cleared.

The UPS should work now again properly.
In some cases you need also to perform a Factory Reset.
Please follow the steps:
Switch the UPS to Standby Modus.

  • Press the <  Button for a few seconds until the display will change to “Status”.
  • Navigate to the menu „Control“ using the arrow keys.
  • Within the sub menu navigate to the factory settings option and confirm this with "Yes".
  • The UPS will confirm with a short beep one or two times.
  • After that the reset should be finished.

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