Die Anleitung wurde erstellt von Keith Mayer (Microsoft). 

When people first begin using Windows 8, one of the most noticeable improvements is the new Fast Startup feature.  Fast Startup, enabled by default in Windows 8, implements a unique hybrid kernel hibernation process during computer shutdown where user mode components are shutdown normally, but the operating system kernel is hibernated to provide a much faster start experience.  On my year-old Samsung Series 7 Slate running Windows 8 Enterprise, I can routinely cold boot using Fast Startup in under 10 seconds to a fully functioning PC, and this has been reduced to ~7 seconds or less on the new ultrabooks that are specifically designed for Windows 8 with UEFI firmware!

Everyone LOVES the speed of Fast Startup, but lots of IT Pros have asked about how to manage Fast Startup across their enterprise networks and, more pointedly, are there any considerations when using Active Directory Group Policy to manage PC’s enabled for Fast Startup.  In this article, I’ll answer both questions …

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