1. Add the Server you want to install the role and/or feature to Server Manager

Add other Windows Server 2012 System to Server Manager for remote management

2. Go to "All Servers" in Server Manager and right click on the System you want to install. Than select "Add Roles and Features".  

3. The wizzards starts.  

4. Select the server where you want to install the role or feature and klick "Next"  

5.  Select the role you want to install. In my case the DHCP Role (When you install Roles like DHCP, DNS or AD roles, please set a static IP for the NIC of the targetserver).  

6. Select the feature you want to install (in my case I don't want to install one so I click directly on "Next".  

7. A short infoscreen appears. Click "Next".  

9. Now you see a summary which roles and features will be installed on the system. Click "Install" to install this components.  

10. Installation begins, you can close this window. The installation will take up a few minutes.  

11. To check if your role is installed on the system, click on the role in Server Manager and check if you see the server.