This post was written by Paul Marquardt, Dell OS Engineer 

When a new generation of server comes out, many people discover a need to update drivers inside their Windows image files (WIM). The required updates can include your boot.wim file for WindowsPE, or the boot.wim and install.wim file on your installation images from the Windows install DVD or a bootable USB thumb drive. You may also need to update your Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

Go here for more information on WDS.

To quickly and easily update the drivers in your WIM files, you will need the following:

  • Boot.wim (sources directory of your installation media)
  • Install.wim (sources directory of your installation media)
  • An empty folder to mount your WIM image using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM) which is part of the operating system utilities installed with the operating system.
  • All of the Dell drivers for your particular needs (network, PERC, etc.) in a single location
    Note: Go here for more information on DISM

To make things a little quicker, you can insert all the drivers in a single step:

1. Download the drivers for your specific platform from and save them into a folder. (i.e. C:\Users\paul_marquardt\Downloads\Drivers\12G\M620)


2. Change the file extensions from .exe to .zip on each of the executable files you saved, as pictured in the snippet.

3. Extract the files into their respective folders.


4. Open an administrative command prompt by right clicking Command Prompt from the Start menu (or Start à Accessories) and selecting Run as Administrator from the Context menu.


5. Mount your WIM file using DISM.


6. The folder structure of the WIM file is loaded into the location you defined. (i.e. C:\Test)


 Note: Do not open this folder before you mount the image or you will receive an error stating the folder is in use. You can also load additional files and folders into the image in this location.


7. Add drivers to the WIM file using DISM with the /image, /add-driver and /recurse switches.


Note: Regardless of what driver packages have been downloaded, DISM will recurse the subfolders for the correct type of.inf files for your platform type and load the drivers into the WIM file for you in a single step.


8. Unmount your WIM file using DISM.

 You can update the drivers for any WIM file you have using DISM. Just remember to make sure you are using the same drivers in your boot.wim and install.wim files to avoid issues with driver incompatibility between Windows PE versions during setup.

Note: This is especially important if you are using the iSCSI boot capability of the newest PowerEdge servers and Broadcom iSCSI boot capable devices. For additional information on this issue see this article: