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M6600 & XenClient / Hypervisor type 1

  • Hello 

    I'm interested in installing a hypervisor type 1 (like e.g. XenClient) on a M6600 and based on this different OSs.
    Currently a M6600 is running with Win7 ultimate, 16 GB RAM, one SSD (128 GB) and additional 2 HDs with 750 GB each. On Win7 several VMWare workstation VMs are installed. This system/s are working stable.

    One disadvantageof this configuration is the meanwhile quite long time required to boot first Win7 and afterwards the VMs.

    What I now would like to verify is an approach with a hypervisor type 1 system, installed directly as bare metal system on the M6600, and above this VMs based on different OSs.

    Therefore I'd like to replace the current used SSD (used as C:) by a new SSD (this just to save the active well running boot system) and install XenClient (or another HV type 1?) on this new SSD boot disk. 


    • Did anyone of you  already try to realize such an approach? If yes, I'm very interessetd in your experiences 
    • I'm also interested in your opinion/s acc. to this idea.
    Thanks in advance for your views / experiences
  • Hi SW08,

    from Dell site it's not supported to install a HV type 1 on your System but from my personal experience, if you install Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V or Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V it should work fine.

    You can use the Windows 7 and 8 Driver to install the System.

    Best regards