The following hot issues have been resolved in firmware release

EEE advertisement when EEE is disabled

When EEE is disabled, the Auto-negotiation advertises EEE capability of the port. In case the link partner is EEE enabled, but does not fully comply to EEE standard, the auto-negotiation process might fail causing the link to be down.

When EEE is disabled, the auto-negotiation process does not advertise EEE capability.

Note that changing EEE state (globally or on individual interface) will cause link to toggle, since auto negotiation advertisement is being changed.


Devices stop to learn MAC addresses after 49.7 days

After 49.7 days of operation, the device stops re-learning MAC addresses. These MACs which were previously learned will not appear in MAC address table. As a result traffic streams sent to previously learned MAC addresses are treated as unknown-unicast traffic and flooded within the VLAN.

MAC address learning mechanism was fixed so that both learning new addresses and re-learning existing addresses are updating the MAC Address database.


Slave unit up time wraps after 49.7 days

Slave unit sysUpTime (which can be displayed in show system command in CLI) wraps up after 49.7 days instead of wrapping up after 497.1 days. As a result, after operating for 49.7 days, slave units (including backup master) will begin re-counting sysUpTime from 0. No actual reboot occurred sysUpTime on slave unit is calculated correctly and will wrap up only after 497.1 days.


Fatal Error Loop - PC55xx stacking issues

If 2 devices (when at least one of them is a 24 port unit) with sequential MAC are placed in the same stack – the stack enters an endless reboot sequence and does not converge MAC addresses assignments for device ports are calculated based on absolute port number and not on internal number.



Release Note PDF: PowerConnect_55xx_ReleaseNotes 40111.pdf

The following hot issues have been resolved in firmware release

Nessus vulnerability alert

Removed the false vulnerability report by ignoring the script name in the scan and returning error on the page


Fan level improvements

1. Updated new Hysteresis values

Below 40° Celsius – Fan is Off

Above 50° Celsius – Fan is On

2. Changing the level of the syslog to informational in case the fans are turned off by software due to low temperature.

3. Software now distinguishes between the state of a failure FAN and a Fan that is not working due to software decision.

These are the status displayed for each situation:

IDLE – Fan was turned off by software state due to low temperature

ON – Fan is operational due to high temperature

FAILURE – Fan not functioning due to a problem


PC 5524 SNMP walk improvements

SNMP walk on ifTable and swIfTable MIBs will walk only existing interfaces in the stack




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