The OpenManage Server Administrator 7.1 for Ubuntu community-supported release is now available for download. For details about this release, please consult the release notes for the official release of OMSA 7.1:[...]/readme

Check out what is new in OMSA 7.1 by going to the documentation page for the release:[...]/dell-openmanage-server-administrator-7-1-for-ubuntu.aspx

If you like this release and would like for Ubuntu builds of OpenManage System Administrator to be officially supported, please provide feedback by talking to your account manager or sales representative.
Customer feedback is the best way to show your support for OpenManage for Ubuntu.

Where to Get It

To download and install OMSA 7.1, go to for detailed instructions.

Please join us on the mailing list for support and feedback. You can sign up at[...]/linux-poweredge.

Like the previous OMSA for Ubuntu release, the apt repository for this release will be signed. This is the signing key that is used:

pub   4096R/34D8786F 2012-03-02

uid   Dell Inc., PGRE 2012 (PG Release Engineering Build Group 2012) <>

sub   4096R/79DF80D8 2012-03-02