This guide shows you how to check the CPUs in your Dell PowerEdge Server.


Intel Diag Tool is not supported on Generation 13 Servers.

Actual there may occur a wrong result with the diag tool, we recommend you to run the diagnostics twice as a workaround.

System BIOS –> System Profile Settings on a PowerEdge R720

Create the bootable disc and insert it in your server system.

If you are using a iDRAC with Enterprise license you can mount the downloaded ISO directly in there.

Additionally you can create a bootable USB drive by using Rufus.

In this guide we are using the IPDT 64 Bit Ver. Iso.

Startup the LiveLinux.

After the boot process you will see a popup asking for the desired configuration. Please click on „Use default config“.

Now startup the terminal emulation, you'll find a shortcut in the menu on the bottom of the desktop.

In the terminal prompt enter the following line:

install64 – when using the 64bit Image

install32 – when using the 32bit Image

Read the license agreement and accept by pressing <a>

Java and the IPDT tool are getting installed now.

When the message Installation is Complete! is shown you can close the windows.

Now please start the IPDT Config by clicking the shortcut at the desktop.

Uncheck BaseClock Test and Integrated Graphics Test. There is no integrated GPU in Intel Xeon CPUs.
Save the config by clicking „Exit Saving Config“.

Now run the CPU test by clicking the IPDT shortcut at the desktop.

While the test is running it may happen that the system, especially the fans, gets louder. This is normal due to different testing processes and there is no need to worry.

After completing all tests you receive a message if your CPU is healthy or not.

If everything is fine with it you will see a screen like below.

In the case the test fails we recommend to backup the log-file and keep send to technical support if requested.
The log is stored in the following directory:


tested on PowerEdge R710, PowerEdge R720, PowerEdge 420

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