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Hi all, this is Vladimir from the VMM team and today I want to very quickly show how easy it is create and configure a private cloud in System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM 2012) and enable users to access already existing virtual machines.

First of all, you will need to configure your backend infrastructure such as storage, networks, Hyper-V/ESX/Xen hosts, etc. Once all that is done, you are ready to create a private cloud. Here are the general steps:

1. Create a private cloud by clicking on the “Create Cloud” button under the VMs and Service tab.

2. While creating the cloud, assign a host group to the cloud and configure it as appropriate for your environment.

3. Once the cloud is created, assign one or more VMs to the cloud. You can do this by going into the VM’s properties and changing the ‘Cloud’ setting under the general tab as you can see below.


4. Next, create a Self-Service User role by clicking on the ‘Create User Role’ button under the Settings->Security->User Roles. When creating the user role, ensure the following:

a. Ensure that you assign the cloud created in step 1 to this user role’s scope:


b. Under the resources tab, add to the list the VMs that you want this user role to have access to. In the example below, I want the members of this user role to only have access to one VM.



After the Self-Service User role is created, the members of this user role should be able to access the VM through VMM console, VMM Self-Service portal, or AppController.


I hope that reading this post was of use for you. See you soon!

Vladimir Petrosyan | Support Engineer | Management and Security Division