What is happening?

The default view in iKVM shows the first Dell PowerEdge M420 blade in the sleeve.  There are up to four M420 blades per sleeve, but the iKVM displays only one quarter-height M420 blade per sleeve at a time.

The iKVM view needs to be switched to view the other blades.  There is no need to update the iKVM firmware to access the other M420 blades in the sleeve. 

The directions to access the other blades in a sleeve via the iKVM are available in the M1000e Owner’s Manual on page 31 in the "Viewing And Selecting Servers" section.

For the M420 model only, to toggle video between blades installed in a sleeve:

  1. Press <Print Screen> to launch the OSCAR interface (iKVM GUI).
  2. Select the slot where the sleeve and blade are installed and press <Enter> to exit OSCAR.
  3. Press <Scroll Lock> twice in quick succession to toggle between the quarter-height blades installed in the sleeve.

For additional information, refer to the full M1000e Owner’s Manual.