In this interview series we will introduce IT Professionals selected for this year’s Dell TechCenter (DTC) Rockstar Program. This program recognizes independent experts, Dell customers and employees for their significant positive impact on Dell TechCenter, blogs and social media when discussing Dell. You can find a list of all our Rockstars here. Our twelfth interviewee is Dustin Hedges from Paypal.

Dell TechCenter: What is your domain of expertise?

Dustin Hedges: My primary focus is Enterprise Client Management. More specifically, I specialize in OS Deployments, BitLocker, Driver Management and I am a heavy PowerShell user.

Q: What are the most exciting trends in your area? 

A: The recent announcement of the Surface Pro 3 is quite exciting and I’m looking forward to getting my demo unit. In addition to new units, Dell's recent announcements of the Dell Enterprise Client PowerShell Provider and Driver CAB Catalog are great advancements for IT pros like myself. 

Q: Can you point us to resources you find particularly valuable?

The Enterprise Client section of Dell TechCenter is one of my most frequently used resources since I run primarily a Dell shop. I also follow a number of people on Twitter and blogs to help me stay up on current trends. Here is a list of a few:








Q: How do you engage with the IT community?

A: I am an active member on the Dell TechCenter forums providing content and (where I can) helping those who post in the Enterprise Client forums. In addition, I post content to and my blog ( You can follow me on Twitter @dhedges01 and converse with me there as well.

Q: What are the most cutting edge Dell products – and why? 

A: Dell is always coming up with something new. For the Enterprise Client space I am really enjoying two of their more recent products, the Latitude E7240/E7440 and the Precision M3800. The E7000 series are true business-class Ultrabooks complete with docking capabilities, optional touch displays, great battery life and performance. Our users love them. The M3800 is a “developer class” laptop with a gorgeous touch-screen display, plenty of power and memory.

Q: Dustin, thank you so much!