In this interview series we will introduce IT Professionals selected for this year’s Dell TechCenter (DTC) Rockstar Program. This program recognizes independent experts, Dell customers and employees for their significant positive impact on Dell TechCenter, blogs and social media when discussing Dell. You can find a list of all our Rockstars here. Our eleventh interviewee is Gobind Vijayakumar.

Dell TechCenter: Can you please explain to folks who are not experts in your area: What is your domain of expertise?

Gobind Vijayakumar: I come from a Windows Server/OS X background and I am currently working in Dell OS Engineering group. I specialize in platform enablement and certification for Dell PowerEdge Servers. Other than this my main focus areas are operating systems (mainly Windows Server), datacenter solutions and security aspects.

Q: What are the most exciting trends in your domain of expertise?

A: Microsoft Storage Spaces is an interesting solution which allows the complete virtualization of the storage stack and which has advanced storage management features like storage tiering, thin provisioning etc. In addition to that there are many similar software defined storage technologies like VMware vSAN which will create a major shift in the storage industry in the coming years. 

Q: Can you point us to resources you find particularly valuable for your work?

A: Dell OS and Applications wiki is one of the resources where you can get all the details on the new technologies in operating system space, including blogs/whitepapers. For VMWare related blogs I always refer this link.  Other than that I usually follow the Microsoft MSDN blog and Channel9 RSS feeds which provides an insight into the upcoming Microsoft technologies and market trends.

Q: How do you engage with the IT community?

A: Social media - who doesn’t leverage its power these days? It has clearly changed the way how the IT community does engage and collaborate. I usually prefer interacting using my Twitter and LinkedIn account and participating in forum discussions related to server solutions. In addition it I publish blogs in Dell Techcenter and participate in social media activities via Dell SMAC.

Q: What are the most cutting edge Dell products – and why?

A: Almost all Dell products are cutting edge! But if you want me to choose one I would certainly go for Dell PowerEdge VRTX since it is one of the most innovative products I have seen. VRTX is an interesting package encompassing server, storage and networking into one. Being a gamer, I always prefer the Dell Alienware lineup and I personally like the Alienware X51 model which fits into every gamers needs.

Q: Gobind, thank you so much!