In this interview series we will introduce IT Professionals selected for this year’s Dell TechCenter (DTC) Rockstar Program. This program recognizes independent experts, Dell customers and employees for their significant positive impact on Dell TechCenter, blogs and social media when discussing Dell. You can find a list of all our Rockstars here. Our sixth interviewee is Roy Mainak.

Dell TechCenter: Can you please explain to folks who are not experts in your area: What is your domain of expertise?

Roy Mainak: I work for Systems Management software products at Dell, my area of proficiency are Open Manage and Change Management products. I’ve contributed for the Client program, for a short stay. Being a technical writer, we go through a firsthand experience of any product. Easily, we are the customer’s advocate to negotiate with the marketing, development, quality and test teams to bring out the best essence of any feature. The WOW factor.

As part of my regular job, I spent a lot of time in social media. I’m working on the Global InfoDev Social media strategy as that is becoming a regular practice of individual authors. SEO is another part of the ongoing initiative, recently, we had interlocks with the internal and external search teams to recognize the gap. The search ability (for Dell published documents) is not the same when customer is searching for a topic through our Dell Support site.

I’ve worked for several Dell product videos and guided different teams to understand the asks and identifying the topics to cover top field issues via simple go through videos. Currently, I’m helping the Dell TechCenter team with the YouTube channel to create, publish and promote product videos via soft channels and other web services/social media platforms.

Q: What are the most exciting trends in your area?

A: I’m excited about the fact, that our customers are using multiple Dell products (Systems Management software) to run their enterprise business. We are seeing more and more Dell tools are being used in the data centers. There is an exponential growth in the client level management software. The typical combinations are producing better results for our customers. There are lots of examples, lethal combination of LC and DRM, awesome placement and update strategy via LC and iDRAC for CMC, OME and LC, and many more.   

Q: Can you point us to resources you find particularly valuable?

A: There are many, however, I would love to take two names from our own Dell TechCenter group. I’ve always enjoyed the videos that Dennis Smith and Lance Boley have created. They are simply superb. The information is easy, simple and very straight forward, a must to watch tutorial for any customers.

Q: How do you engage with the IT community?

A: I do a lot of discussions, but mainly with the product marketing (in bound, technical marketing team and the quality teams). Personally, I love scrubbing the data those are coming from our Contact Center tools. Those are the most recent, raw data you can access without any cover. I’ve learnt a lot by practicing that on a regular basis. I encourage people to adopt the same analysis technique for their respective product to solve real time problems. So, my communication is kind of internal (not much in written/not much over web).

Nevertheless, there are several (more than 12) technical whitepapers and videos (I don’t have a track) are serving customers where I’ve contributed. But, you don’t see my names. I’ve contributed to over 5 wiki, forum pages in DTC. I’ve helped several teams to build their own wiki pages; how do you create a page? How can you tag keywords for better SEO? How can you generate more social signals for the content? Do you need to revamp and re-design the page for better involvement? How do you build the brand for your product wiki page?

Q: What are the most cutting edge Dell products – and why?

A: The world is favoring VRTX. A Majority in Dell will say VRTX. I love VRTX, as they are giving us the business.  For me, I don’t want to point out any particular Dell product. Rather, I like the way we are creating multiple offerings for third party programs, implementing the ways to handle multiple inventory files at a time through a single application, giving more automation options for the customers, inter-accountability across different products. I love the way we are providing end to end solutions for our customers and business partners. The vision has changed and bringing better customer experiences.

Q: Roy, thank you so much!