Hi Community, here is my compilation of the most interesting technical blog posts written by members of the Microsoft MVP Community. The number of MVPs is growing well, I hope you enjoy their posts. @all MVPs If you'd like me to add your blog posts to my weekly compilation, please send me an email (florian_klaffenbach@dell.com) or reach out to me via Twitter (@FloKlaffenbach). Thanks!

Featured Posts of the Week!

Recommended Practices For Hyper-V by Aidan Finn

#Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Analyzer #sysctr #SCVMM by James van den Berg

VMM 2012 SP1 - Real World Example by Kristian Nese

Add drivers to Windows Server 2012 ISO Image by Thomas Maurer


Windows Azure Websites – Logging & ErrorHandling in German by Robert Mühsig


Recommended Practices For Hyper-V by Aidan Finn

KB2806542 – "0x000000D1" Stop Error On A Virtual Machine In Windows Server 2012 by Aidan Finn

KB2795531 – You Cannot Log In To A VM Running Windows 8 Or Windows Server 2012 In A VDI Environment by Aidan Finn

KB2776366 – "0x0000000A" Stop Error On W2008 R2 Hyper-V Host That Has Many Passthrough Disks by Aidan Finn

The Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Book Release FAQ by Aidan Finn

Checkliste: Best Practice für Hyper-V 2012 in German by Nils Kaczenski

Slow Network Performance When Using NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V by Lai Yoong Seng

Office 365

Feedback zu den ersten Umstellungen zum Dienstupgrade von Office 365 in German by Kerstin Rachfahl


#PSTip How to configure International settings in PowerShell 3.0 by 

#PSTip Getting Enum values in PowerShell 3.0 by 

Friday Fun PowerShell Puzzlers by Jeffery Hicks

PoshInternals: PoshExec by Adam Driscoll

System Center Core

System Center 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 2 Date by Aidan Finn

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

#Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Analyzer #sysctr #SCVMM by James van den Berg

VMM 2012 SP1 - Real World Example by Kristian Nese

 SQL Server

#PSTip Change SQL Server default backup folder location by Ravikanth Chaganti

Windows Client

Windows 8 Deployment Resources by Aidan Finn

Windows Server Core

PowerShell – Remove the WSUS client settings from the registry by Jeff Wouters

#PSTip Set Windows Firewall status in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 by Ravikanth Chaganti

Why Are You Still Deploying Windows Server 2003? by Aidan Finn

Huge Patch Rollup (KB2775511) Released For Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 by Aidan Finn

KB2793908–Leaving WS2012 Server Manager Open Can Cause A Memory Leak by Aidan Finn

KB2814923 – "0x0000009E" Stop Error & Volumes Can’t Be Brought Online On W2008 R2 Cluster by Aidan Finn

Unable to Add…/Edit…/Delete Domain Controllers computer set on TMG/ISA by Romeo Mlinar

Add drivers to Windows Server 2012 ISO Image by Thomas Maurer

IIS & Powershell: New-Website failed with “Index was outside the bounds of the array” in German by Robert Mühsig


Saying Goodbye To Old Hardware Responsibly by Didier van Hoye

Other MVPs I follow

James van den Berg - MVP for SCCDM System Center Cloud and DataCenter Management
Kristian Nese - MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management
Ravikanth Chaganti - MVP for PowerShell
Jan Egil Ring - MVP for PowerShell
Jeffery Hicks - MVP for PowerShell
Keith Hill - MVP for PowerShell
David Moravec - MVP for PowerShell
Aleksandar Nikolic - MVP for PowerShell
 - MVP for PowerShell
Adam Driscoll - MVP for PowerShell
Marcelo Vighi - MVP for Exchange
Johan Veldhuis - MVP for Exchange
Lai Yoong Seng - MVP for Virtual Machine
Rob McShinsky - MVP for Virtual Machine
Hans Vredevoort - MVP for Virtual Machine
Leandro Carvalho - MVP for Virtual Machine
Didier van Hoye - MVP for Virtual Machine
Romeo Mlinar - MVP for Virtual Machine
Aidan Finn - MVP for Virtual Machine
Carsten Rachfahl - MVP for Virtual Machine
Thomas Maurer - MVP for Virtual Machine
Alessandro Cardoso - MVP for Virtual Machine
Steve Jain - MVP for Virtual Machine
Robert Smit - MVP for Cluster
Marcelo Sinic - MVP Windows Expert-IT Pro
Ulf B. Simon-Weidner - MVP for Windows Server - Directory Services
Meinolf Weber - MVP for Windows Server - Directory Services
Nils Kaczenski - MVP for Windows Server - Directory Services
Kerstin Rachfahl - MVP for Office 365
Matthias Wolf - MVP Group Policy
Robert Mühsig - MVP ASP.NET/IIS

No MVP but he should be one

Jeff Wouters - PowerShell