This week’s OpenStack highlight: Q&A with David M. Fishman, VP Marketing at Mirantis on his company’s training offering. Also, I’d like to point you to OpenStack Board of Directors Talks: Episode 5 with Yujie Du (Ben), Community Development Director at 99cloud.

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Q&A with David M. Fishman, VP Marketing on Training Offerings at Mirantis

Can you give us an overview over your trainings? What’s your offering?
About a year ago, we announced our 2-day Bootcamps for OpenStack program, to get people deep fast on OpenStack. Since then, more than 250 engineers have been trained through our Boot Camps. We offer them in public monthly, so developers and engineers learn about the open source cloud operating system that has rocketed to popularity throughout the industry. We also offer them as private on-site training for companies that want a dedicated training.

What does Mirantis offer through this training program?
Since there’s a lot of hype around OpenStack, we wanted to avoid something that was all theory. So our instructors are Mirantis engineers who are active code committers to the OpenStack project and also consult for some of the most notable companies using OpenStack today – including PayPal, The Gap, AT&T, WebEx, HP, Dell and NASA. We developed the course content based on our experiences of real-world implementations of OpenStack; we feature lectures, hands-on labs, and one-to-one coaching. Upon successful completion, students are able to stand up and trouble-shoot an OpenStack cloud.

Whom are you targeting with your offering?
The high demand for the Mirantis training is more evidence of the growing adoption of OpenStack and the need for skilled engineering talent and expertise in OpenStack. Typical students are developers and systems administrators and IT professionals from SaaS vendors, service providers, enterprise IT … everyone who needs to build practical skills to put harness OpenStack’s advantages to their cloud effort.

We expect attendees to be comfortable with Linux CLI, have a good understanding of virtualization and hypervisors, and have some experience with Linux networking.

Which are the most popular topics around OpenStack?
Our goal with the Boot camp is to cover the information you need to get started on an OpenStack cloud deployment. It includes overviews of OpenStack and OpenStack Networking, use cases, basic operating and deployment principles, cloud usage patterns, Swift Object Storage, OpenStack in production, and advanced topics such as software defined networking, deployment and issues workshops, and comparing VMware and OpenStack. We provide each student with a high-powered laptop, and then network them all together as a ‘tabletop cloud’.  SDN – with a view of networking before and after it – is an especially popular topic.

By “cover”, I don’t mean just death by slideware; about 50% of the class is labs and discussion. This is stuff you have to learn by doing it, and we have designed our labs to put that understanding to the test. For example, we have a break/fix session where the instructor will introduce some kind of flaw into the cloud that students have built earlier in the day, and pit them against one another to see who can troubleshoot the problem first. Because our instructors learned the technology the hard way – deploying OpenStack in successive releases dating as far back as Cactus – they are also well versed in what works and what doesn’t work yet.

How can people register for trainings / keep up to date on upcoming trainings?
Register for the February 21-22 and March 20-21 Bootcamps for OpenStack at There’s another session in March listed there as well; we typically hold them each month in Mountain View, CA. It’s important to note that these public Bootcamps are so popular that they usually sell out well in advance, The January Bootcamp was the tenth consecutive sold-out public session.

We also schedule special workshops during certain industry conferences. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve delivered the bootcamp format in on-site classes for more than a bunch of companies to train staff at their own location. Class descriptions and reviews from past class participants are at


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