Dell Open Source Ecosystem Digest: OpenStack, Hadoop & More 8-2012 (Englisch)


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Dell Open Source Ecosystem Digest: OpenStack, Hadoop & More 8-2012 (Englisch)

This week’s highlight: Interview with Atul Jha co-organizer of the OpenStack Day in Bangalore. For a recap of the most recent event click here. Also, you can register for the upcoming OpenStack Day in Bangalore 01-19-2013 here.

Enjoy reading the eighth issue of the Dell Open Source Ecosystem Digest, a collection of relevant technical content around OpenStack and Hadoop authored by Dell as well our partners and friends. Your feedback is appreciated greatly!

Interview with Atul Jha

Rafael: Atul, can you tell us about the OpenStack meetup in India? When did you start? Who's attending? What are the trending topics in the OpenStack community in India?

Atul: We started OpenStack meetup less than a year back. Most of the attendees have been newbies and people affiliated to companies with OpenStack project. In past 4-5 months we have seen lots of participation coming from college students as well. All the meetups we have a talk which covers basics of OpenStack project. We have had interesting talk on almost all the OpenStack components including the Swift/Nova/Keystone/Quantum. We also covered orchestration tools such as Juju and Crowbar in our talks. 

Rafael: Tell us about OpenStack adoption in India. Who are the the drivers? Which trends do you see in OpenStack adoption in India?

Atul: We are seeing some traction in startups and system integrator companies. Even some Government Organizations in India are working/testing OpenStack for their use.

Rafael: How can people help promote OpenStack community activities in India?

Atul: Well, help us in whatever way you can by providing resource person to present in meetup, sponsor our events.

Rafael: Can you point us to OpenStack resources in India? Blogs? People to follow on Twitter?

Atul: Sure!

Twitter: @openstackindia
People to follow: @kavitaptira @syedarmani @mail2fashion @riteshnanda09 @koolhead17


Ceph: “Deploying Ceph with a Crowbar”

Ceph in the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution

Inktank: Dell landing page

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Inktank: “Ceph and Inktank at LISA12” by Roger Weeks

Mirantis: “A look at individual membership in the OpenStack Foundation” by David Fishman

OpenStack Foundation: “Event Report: OpenStack Day, Bangalore, India”

Piston Cloud: “How OpenStack is Changing the World: Thoughts from UP 2012” by Joshua McKenty

Piston Cloud: “My 2012 Predictions: Did they happen?” by Joshua McKenty

Rackspace: “An Introduction To Hybrid Hosting” by Paul Croteau

SUSE: “Learn about SUSE Cloud” by Andreas Jaeger

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SUSE: “SUSE and Dell Partner for Enterprise OpenStack Solutions” by Michael Miller


Cloudera: “Register for any Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop class scheduled until March 31, 2013, and get a free ebook copy of Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer.”

Datameer: “Big Data – Crossing the Chasm in 2013!” by Stefan Groschupf

Datameer: “Delivering Insightful Analytics in a Data Driven World” recorded webinar in collaboration with Cloudera

Datameer: “On the Radar: Datameer” by Ovum Group

Datameer: “Building a Big Data Recommendation Engines” webinar 01-30-2013

Datameer: “Reflecting on Big Data in 2012” by Joe Nicholson

Pentaho: “Big Data Speeds Across the Chasm” by Quentin Gallivan

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