Hello everyone,

we are using two clustered SCv2020 Storages as Datastore for a VMWare vSphere Cluster. We replicate all Volumes from the first 2020 to the second - in the disaster case we want to restart our environment as quickly as possible on the replicated volumes.

We have already seen the Disaster Recovery button in the vSphere WebClient. There are three functions: Activate, Restore/Restart and Predefine.

My question is: can anyone tell me more about these buttons, what they are doing? I already read the Administration Guides from DELL, only information i get from there is to press Next, Next and Next.

We need to know - what exactly do we have to do if Storage 1 crashes and we want to switch to the second storage? What are the steps, what happens during the singe steps, and how can we reduce the downtime to a minimum?

If there is a document answering these questions i would already be satisfied with a link...