XPS 9560 hdd password


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XPS 9560 hdd password

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Hi, how am I able to set a hdd password e.g. for the self encrypted SSD (e.g. Samsung 960 pro)? I cannot find the entry in the BIOS.

Thanks for the advice,

KR Mario

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  • Hi,

    There is no hdd password option for NVMe drives in the unit. Here was a discussion about that too.



  • Hi,

    the link and discussion above does not answer my question. It does not matter how fast CPUs are. There's a huge benefit using direct disk encryption.

    Such NVMe disks are sold for years and even my last vendor supported it years ago.

    I'm very unhappy with my decision to switch over to this overall good manufactured laptop, when there's no real statement about the decision to not support this feature.

    Even - and that seems to be courios to me - I've seen that now the more or less same Precision books DO have this option? Pls. tell me why such an option is not brought to the other XPS laptops too? Was it a bad decision to get the latest and greatest Dell laptop?

    Are there any options to convert my book into a Precision one to get this option? Or is it planned that all the consumers spending a lot of money to get the best of Dells books even get a BIOS update with this feature enabled?  

    I'm looking forward for a reasonable answer, as I want to use the book even with this option enabled.

    Best regards,


    see also: de.community.dell.com/.../10338

  • Hi,

    Da können wir ja auch deutsch sprechen. Ich verstehe nicht, wie du auf CPU Geschwindigkeit kommst? In dem verlinkten Thread ging es mir um:

    I thought it would be as easy as setting the HDD Password in BIOS

    Dell systems do not support this feature on NVMe storage

    Wo steht, dass die Precision diese Option unterstützt? Auch in dem verlinkten Thread geht es um die XPS.

    Ich kann dir keine andere Antwort dazu geben. Derzeit gibt es keine Unterstützung dafür.