Poweredge R710 Harddisk Failed

Support-Anfragen für Server ohne Service

Support-Anfragen für Server ohne Service
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Poweredge R710 Harddisk Failed

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I am Alexander Siahaan, I have an failed disk on our RAID 5. How can I order new disk ? because I could not ask the Dell Hotline Number due to the expired Warranty.

By exchanging the failed disk, can I simply plug out the disk and plug in the new one ? Or should I disable it first and how? I could not find to disable it through OpenManage Server Admin

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  • Hi Alexander,

    thanks for your request here. You can buy a replacement hard drive. Just send me the following data in a private message and you will receive a quote via email.

    Customer number:
    Email Address:
    2nd phone:
    Fax (if avail):
    Billing address:
    Delivery address:

    Regarding your question how to disable the drive - you'll find an option to set a drive offline in OMSA. This is what you should do, before you take out the faulty drive. 

    You will find this option in System -> Storage -> PERC Controller -> Connector x -> Enclosure (Backplane) -> Physical Disks.

    Within this option you can select Offline... in the dropdown next to the RAID disk.

    Click on Execute and you're done.