PowerEdge T110 II und NVidia Quadro K620

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PowerEdge T110 II und NVidia Quadro K620

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does the NVidia Quadro K620 in the PowerEdge T110 II ?

Are special settings are required ? BIOS?

I need the Qudro Card for using remoteFX under MS Server 2012 R2.

Thanks for help.


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  • Hi Josch,

    thank you for your question. There is no yes or no is such case. I can tell you that there is no supported graphics card from us.

    BUT, you may try it. As the board brings an x16 port with x8 power (max 25 Watts) there is an option.

    Please let me refer you to this forum post: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/servers/f/956/t/19511816

    Maybe here you'll find your answer :)

    There is just one setting in BIOS that is required - disable the onboard graphics. BIOS -> Integrated Devices -> Embedded Video Controller.

    For any further assistance reply in here.


  • Hi Stefan,

    thank you for the "yesno" ;-)

    i have try it and the poweredge dont booted.

    (prompt stay with a blink cursor first row on monitor).
    stand still just before the BMC Firmware/Tool should started. :(

    exists any ideas/ experience with that problem?



  • Hi Josch,

    did you deactivate the onboard graphics before?

    I found that the K620 have a max consumption of 45 Watts - the "x16" port on the motherboard brings just 25Watts of power. Remember it is no real x16 slot, it is a x8 with x16 length to use x8 full length cards.

    Found a forum here where a company uses NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 and NVIDIA Quadro NVS 310 cards.

    And it seems to be a question of the BIOS version.