idarc / lcc update from bootable media

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idarc / lcc update from bootable media

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I've to update some Gen 10/11 server with the latest firmwares for bios & components. Because all of these servers running esxi and we haven't any additional plugins the most suitable way seems to perform the updates via bootable media. Anyway, I can deal with it.

My problem is that on the page a note recommends to update idarc / lcc firmware first before using the images. But now I'm stuck because - as I said - the reason I decided to use the bootable media is that the servers don't run windows.

My question: How can I perform the idard/lcc updates from a bootable media too? Although the servers are equipped with the basic idarc/lcc components we don't use this and as far as I know these components are disabled anyway where possible in the bios.



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  • Ok, I figured out how to update idrac6 express to the current version. But now I'm driving crazy how to update lifecycle controller. I read that I should use the firmware upgrade window in idrac6 and upload the usc file to update the lcc but I always get the error "wrong format".