Graphic card not working. Video memory integrity test discrepancy.

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Graphic card not working. Video memory integrity test discrepancy.

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Hello everyone,

I really hope you can help me.

My graphic card (GeForce GT 650M) seems to have problems.

I can start windows as usual, but under higher performance the screen and system will freeze completely. (No bluescreen showing, it just stops reacting)

After I restart, the graphic card will be not available in windows anymore, only in the hardware manager under section "Show hidden hardware" with (!) and the note "Cannot find enough resources(code 12)".

I tried to reinstall the delivered driver (even in save mode) updated the drivers to the newest, formated windows completely multiple times, changed harddrives and RAM, used battery pack or none, changed power options and updated all other drivers, did windows updates. It did not solve the problem.

The DELL hardware diagnostic test shows:

"Video memory integrity test discrepancy, Validation 89242, 2000-0332"

Notebook: Dell Inspiron 17 R SE (Out of warranty), Windows 8

Thank you for help

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  • I have nearly the same Problem with an Inspiron 15 7000 with an geforce gtx 960m , everytime i activate the geforce. the desktop freezes. I already reinstalled the drivers and I deactivate the auto Windows update as the Dell support technician told me to do so. once i try to install the (newest) Nvidia Driver the Computer Freezes.. so i updated all drivers with driver Booster (dell forgive me :P) and now im downloading the nvidia Driver from the Dellsupport page.. and i hope it works.. but i think it could be a defect GPU. what was your problem at the end? 

    One question to dell: Does a Deactivated GeforceVideocard still result during the hardware diagnosis? because the hardware diagnosis can't find any defects.

  • I tried everything before that you also tried. No solution for me yet.

  • It could also be my power adaptor, maybe it is too old and does not deliver enough energy anymore.

    I will try to replace and tell you soon.