Order Dell XPS 13 with US Keyboard (Swiss store)

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Order Dell XPS 13 with US Keyboard (Swiss store)

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I'm trying to place an order on the Swiss web-store for the new laptop model XPS 13, but when I select the US keyboard I get an error message and cannot proceed with my selection  and finalize my purchase. Could you please explain why?

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    That looks like a config error in the webshop. We have escalated the issue.

    Thanks for your feedback.



  • Thanks. I have the same issue. I want to order an XPS with a US keyboard but get a weird compatibility issue (prob. just a wrong check somewhere in the store configuration).


    The Swiss website has many broken links.

    There is no chat (I remember there used to be one).

    I tried email support twice - nobody got back to me in the course of a week.

    I tried calling support multiple times - always got connected to different parties and nobody was able to help me (1st: the computer hung up on me, 2nd: a third party provider wasn't able to help, 3rd: Dell Germany (?) wasn't able to help.

    Overall, a very frustrating process.

  • Hi,

    Looks like the problem was solved and I've just completed my order. Thank very much for your promptness in solving this issue.

    Best regards!

  • Nice - thanks for your Feedback. :)