No equalizer!? Dell Audio, XPS 13 9333, Windows 8.1

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No equalizer!? Dell Audio, XPS 13 9333, Windows 8.1

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I don't have an equalizer on my Dell 13 9333 XPS Windows 8.1 touchscreen ultrabook!

The Dell Audio driver on my Windows 7 XPS desktop system DOES have an equalizer. On the ultrabook I only get the 4 default presets for Music, Voice, Gaming, Movies - but no equalizer anywhere in sight. And the presets don't seem to change all that much either. I really, really want to turn down the lower frequencies for lecture videos.

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  • Hello Hasenstein,

    do you mean the equalizer of the audio driver or the Windows Media Player? Also please keep in mind that you cant compare a Desktop with an Ultrabook because its completely  different hardware. In Windows 7 you also got other features than in Windows 8 and 8.1 so you cant compare that, What works in Windows 7 doesn't have to in Windows 8.

    Can you maybe post a screenshot of the equalizer you are using in Windows 7?

    By the way, this is the german Dell Community, which means, if you are able to write in german, pelase do it.



  • That was about as helpful as sending me a cat picture, which would at least have been cute. /s

    You don't seem to know Dell Audio driver options (especially the GUI). As someone posting for Dell... and thanks for stating a lot of obvious things.

    I had already included screenshots last time, they appeared fine in the editor but where gone after post submission, And I cannot edit posts either, I get "User not found" when I try to submit an edit. Great work, Dell!

    Screenshot attempt of what I want - keep the last paragraph in mind if it isn't there:

    It has nothing to do with hardware. That equalization is the driver. And it can be done on a 2014 Ultrabook (sarcasm).

  • Hello Hasenstein,

    so you weren't able to install the correct audio driver? Sorry that information was missing in your first post.

    Try this one:

    Just tested it with our XPS 13 9333 (sadly you dont provided me any Information which model exactly you are using, so i hope it's the correct one).

    As you can see on the following screenshot under "Speaker/Headphone" Tab you are able to reduce the bass:





  • I have that. But no equalizer. All that "Maxx..." stuff is one thing, an equalizer is something different. The Dell Audio GUI for the desktop PC has both. And it is NOT a question of hardware capabilities, please! Other software - you mentioned Windows Media Player, but also VLC - have their own equalizer, after all. The answer may be "Dell messed up, it's not available on the Ultrabook". I hate it but I can better deal with that than with excuses like "the hardware can't do it" or "don't you understand the difference between a notebook and a desktop", which are just on another level, I really don't know how to respond calmly to such responses (as you may have noticed).

    And could you please open a ticket with your website/forum developers about the post-editing issue I mentioned?

  • Hello Hasenstein,

    there is no other option for soundlevel adjustment than what you see on the screenshot i provided. If you need more accurate settings you could try third party tools.

    The forums issue is already escalated, but thank you for the informations.



  • Still not solved I guess... been missing the Equalizer on my XPS 17 for like at least 2 years now...

    I don't even have the preset stuff anymore...

    All just blank.

  • And I did add picture as proof... with Equalizer option in the left menu... but the picture don't show up...

  • Possible solution for anyone who finds this post in the future (as I did):

    I have a Dell Latitude E7450 that was reinstalled lately, and after the reinstall the equalizer was missing for me (it was there until the reinstall). I had the latest realtek driver from Dell support site installed, but then I found a post where someone mentioned that you need to install the driver version "A06".

    I looked at the drivers page again and there I found it: "Version: ,A06". 

    I installed it and now it works like it did before - both Equalizer and Maxx Voice Pro. I was mislead by the version numbers, because there are 2 realtek drivers on the drivers page, and the one that does not have the equalizer is version " ,A01", so I though that was the newest one - turns out there's a difference between them.

    Note: When you install it, the first time you execute the installer it will uninstall the old driver and restart, then you have to execute the installer again (and restart) and then it works :-)

    2nd note: I inserted a screenshot of the drivers page as it looked for me, but as previous posters' screenshots didn't get shown, I thought I'd make a note about it.

  • The subject says "XPS 13" and there only is one audio driver available in the Dell Downloads section for this machine for Windows 7, 8.1 and also Windows 10 (the same one, regardless of what OS one selects).

  • That sucks! Sorry to hear that :(