Laptop e5540 Function Keys

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Laptop e5540 Function Keys

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Hello. I need help with Laptop Latitude e5540. I have succesfully reinstalled Windows 7 and all official drivers and utilities (from All components are working perfect and only three buttons are not working: Mute, Sound- and Sound+

Please send me driver or utility for these buttons.

Looking forward your answer,


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  • Hi Maria,

    Did the audio works itself? Mean, can you play audiofiles etc? There exist no special driver for these buttons. It have to work without any special installation.

    kind regads


  • Hello, Tom.

    Audio works itself. And BIOS signals, and when Windows starts or shuts down, and I can listen songs. I can configure volume by mouse or touchpad, but I need to make these sound buttons also working.

    You have said, they have to work without any special driver. I am not sure. After Windows reinstallation Wi-Fi was also not working. I needed to install special driver from There was also a couple of unknown devices, which have started to work only after drivers installations.

    You should help me. Looking forward you answer.


  • Hi, Tom. I have found the problem. I don`t need help anymore. Thank you for your time.


  • Ok. Good to hear. Would be nice if you can describe what the issue was. So other community members out there can solve that issue too. :)