Radeon X1400 Driver for Windows 10 - Please!

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Radeon X1400 Driver for Windows 10 - Please!

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My Insprion 6400 with Radeon 1400 and WUXGA Display (1680x1050) has been working fabuously under Windows 7 and 8.

Running the Insider preview of W10, the latest driver for that Card cannot be installed. Please provide an update of the ATI Driver for Windows 10.


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  • actually, the ancient Vista driver does work. however, there are some flaws with some W10-Apps where the graphics flicker or show all scrambled - something that occurred in W8 as well - some update would be great, if that would indeed be workable...

  • well, using the vista driver package from dell works for the w10 preview versions (including the 10240 RTM). however, the automatic update via windows update is not possible: it seems that an official w10 compatible driver would be required...

    (still have to try to use an update/fresh install using the w10 ISO. will report if this works...)