Alienware X51 R2 Corrupted Bios (?) What can I do?

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Alienware X51 R2 Corrupted Bios (?) What can I do?

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Apparently my little brothers 'desktop' broke down - he has the Alienware X51 R2 - it has had some driver issues in the past week which I resolved by starting safe mode and doing a rollback on the amd (r7 270)  drivers. The system is Windows 10.
Well, today the PC suddenly shut down while he was listening to music and, when I try to turn it on the lights will turn on, the fans spin - then a single (!) beep and it shuts down again, no text on the screen, no alienware symbol, no loading BIOS. 
From consulting the beep code explanations, a single beep means corrupted BIOS, no? 

So my question to you, and I would be very grateful, were you to answer it, is what I can do on my own to solve the problem - can I somehow force the BIOS to reset or install new BIOS, if the motherboard is still OK? Should I reset the CMOS battery? (Never done that) 

If all that fails and there is no other option, is a new MB viable?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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  • Hello Lamperouge,

    as the system keeps power cycling I would exclude the "1 Beep Error" as no valid error code. When a POST error code is audible, the system should stay on and repeat the code multiple times.

    I recommend you to exclude as many hardware parts as possible for you. You will find a general troubleshooting guidance for such problems on the following webpage:

    If needed you can find also a step by step guide written by my self in German language:

    Please note that this is a German community forum, which is moderated by German speaking tech support. If you are located outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I'd recommend you to use the English community forum.

    With kind regards,


  • Thanks, I'll do that. I didn't look, but it's fine geographically; I just automatically resort to using English on the net. 

    Danke Also!

  • Hi,

    dann wünsche ich dir viel Erfolg. Bitte alles weitere dann in Deutsch. (-:

    Viele Grüße,