Meet the Team


Richard Bernier Bill Bivin John Blain Bob Blomquist Kerry Bridge
Mike Bukowski Chris Byrd Jackie Cooper Natalie Davis Matt Domsch
Andrew Durrett Todd Dwyer Debbie Gormley Jennifer Hughes Siobhan Kennedy
Vida Killian Geoff Knox Kara Krautter Brad Laurich Kelli Lawson
Jesse Leonard Sean McDonald Lionel Menchaca Chris Mixon Jimmy Parish
Amie Paxton Bob Pearson Robert Peek John Pope Gina Quiroz
Larry Robinson Todd Smart Dennis Smith Christine Stout Laura P. Thomas
Jacqui Zhou


Richard Bernier

Name: Richard Bernier
Years with Dell: 5
Specialty/Role: Security Community Liaison 

Hi, my name is Richard. I am glad to part of the Dell Online Community. When not at Dell I enjoy spending time with my family and working on landscape projects and the garden. I like working on creative projects, but I consider myself more of an artisan than an artist.

Bill Bivin

Name: Bill Bivin
Years with Dell: 5
Specialty/Role: Laptop Community Liaison 

I am a couch potato of the highest order. My perfect Saturday would include about 6 hours of sports on TV, about 4 hours of gaming, 3 meals that I did not cook, and lots of sleep. Ditto for Sunday. I try to travel as much as I can afford. I have been to Liverpool, Chester, London, York, Northern Wales, Dublin, Cork, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, and all over the U.S. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife who accepts my potato-ism and is the best travel partner ever. We are expecting our first child in November '08, and are excited about it!

John BlainName: John Blain
Years with Dell:
Specialty/Role: Consumer and Gaming Community Liaison

Ever since I first touched an Apple 2 in 1980, I absolutely loathed pixels. At the tender age of 6, I vowed that the world would be safe from pixels, and that I would work tirelessly to destroy the evil pixels for the rest of my life. I found that many of the most vile pixels spent their time aimlessly grazing in the world of video games, and so I focused my efforts there.

Flash forward to the era of the multi-player online game. Now, the evil pixels have employed real humans to direct them in their evil deeds. The pixels have become so complex in their configurations they have actually convinced some humans that they're real! I have decided to triple my efforts. The mewlings of the misguided humans who direct these pixels to perform evil acts will not deter me from my quest to eradicate the loathsome pixels from existence. These heretical humans must learn the error of their ways!

Oh, and I fix things, too. Mostly I fix computer things, and have for many years. After all, if computers aren't kept in the hands of my human allies, I will be fighting the pixel scourge alone!

Bob BlomquistName: Bob Blomquist
Years with Dell: 16
Specialty/Role: StudioDell and all things video/Webcast related

Being somewhat of an extremist, I tend to gravitate toward the wild and crazy side of life. My idea of a good time is to run or cycle all day –or longer.  I’m enamored with a  wacky sport called ultra marathons that pit runners in distances greater than the 26.2 marathon. I am fortune to have completed a series of 100 mile runs through the mountains of Colorado, Utah and California --all in one day. Must be a genetic flaw. My favorite superhero(s) are folks living and surviving everyday with Cancer.

Kerry BridgeName: Kerry Bridge 
Years with Dell: 7
Specialty/Role: EMEA Digital Media Communications

My name is Kerry and I’ve been working at Dell for over seven years now.  I’m leading Dell’s approach to digital media communication in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).  I work closely with my EMEA team and also am part of the broader Dell Conversations and Communities team, proactively reaching out on the web to be part of the conversation.

My family and friends are very important to me. I particularly enjoy spending time with my three nieces and my new nephew. In my friendship group, this year seems to be the year of weddings, so lots of opportunities to go out dancing and celebrate with the girls.

I’m pretty creative and I have a scientific background. I love cool gadgets and new ideas. At work I most enjoy working on projects where we can come up with new and better ways of doing things.

You can learn more about me by following me on

Mike Bukowski

Name: Mike Bukowski
Years with Dell: 4
Specialty/Role: Channel Community Liaison

I'm lazy, so technology is my numero uno... also, typing in spanglish.  After that, anything else that promotes laziness (computer, recliners, BIG screen TVs, anyone that delivers anything, the clapper, the hoveround (actually any chair with wheels will do), cell phones, headsets, microwaves, etc...) and exercising.

Chris Byrd

Name: Chris Byrd 
Years with Dell: 3
Specialty/Role: Digital Life Community Liaison

My name is Chris and I've been with Dell a little over 3 years now. Online you will find me listed as Dell-Chris_B or ChrisBatDell, and you can find me on Twitter as @ChrisBatDell.  As the Digital Life Liaison, I work closely with the online community in regards to all things involving "Digital Life" within Dell.  When I'm not chatting about Audio, Photo/Video, Networking or Home Entertainment issues, you can usually find me somewhere in Texas chowing down on some world famous BBQ with my beautiful wife and son.  My favorite superhero is Captain America.

Jackie Cooper

Name: Jackie Cooper
Years with Dell: 9
Specialty/Role: IdeaStorm Moderator

My name is Jackie Cooper.  I have been at Dell since October 1999.  I am a Moderator on IdeaStorm and I am the Liaison in Storm Room on the Dell Community Forum.  I am not a tech person.  I have mainly worked in the Customer Service field while I have been at Dell.  I enjoy helping others!!!  I am a single mother of twin boys!  They keep me going and laughing!  Can’t say I really have a hobby.  I enjoy rodeo, especially bull riding, and live music shows.  We have a lot of Texas Country Music Artists in the area and I make it a point to go to a lot of these shows.  I love music and listen to a variety, but mainly listen to country music.  My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.

Natalie Davis

Name: Natalie Davis 
Years with Dell: 2
Specialty/Role: Manager, Community & Conversations Team

Ciao! Guten Tag! Hola! I’m Natalie and I manage the Community & Conversations team. We lead and join in conversations on Dell and non-Dell social media sites. When I’m not tweeting, blogging or using Jedi-Like mind tricks on my team that I developed in my earlier Cognitive Neuroscience research days, I am enjoying everything Texas has to offer; from the bluebonnets in the Spring to the amazing BBQ. My husband and I have many animals, including a stray Emu that comes around when he is feeling chummy. And before you ask, yes, he bites. I have an insatiable need to wear a scarf each and every day and believe I have the best scarf collection, this side of the Mississippi. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. She cooks, she cleans, she fights the bad guys…and all with fabulous hair. A wonder she is, indeed.

Matt DomschName: Matt Domsch 
Years with Dell: 14
Specialty/Role: Technology Strategist

I am a Linux Technology Strategist at Dell in the Office of the CTO. I prefer to develop today's software for tomorrow's hardware, but more often wind up fixing yesterday's software for today's hardware.  I've been developing, breaking, and fixing aspects of Linux since 1999, though I started using Linux kernel 1.1 on my "Engineering Workstation" - a 486/66, in 1994. The most visible Dell Linux persona, I'm a member of the Fedora Project Board, I spend too much time reading and responding to community email lists, and I travel on Dell's dime to conferences whenever possible.

I spent 4 long years at MIT getting my B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, after which my advisor said "well, we don't have to worry about grad school for you". I didn't ask him to write a rec letter when I applied to Vanderbilt for my M.S. in Computer Science. I started with Dell immediately after finishing at MIT, writing software, designing server hardware, writing more software while in grad school, then took on Linux development and got hooked. My kids remove keys from my keyboards to confound me, and yet I soldier on.

Andrew Durrett

Name: Andrew Durrett 
Years with Dell: 8
Specialty/Role: Hot Issues Project Manager, Community & Conversations Team

I’m a family man with a family I love at home and another at work (only one wonderful wife though). Among my favorite things are watching my children grow up and seeing each new chapter unfold with our online teams.  I am best described as intense and exuberant.  I endeavor to bring a creative positive energy to everything I do.  My perspective: glass half empty, half full, maybe just a drop left?  Who cares?  Isn't it an amazing glass and who thought to make this thing out of fire and a handful of sand?  Let's do something brand new with it!  My favorite superhero is Avengeline with Max and Zauriel as close seconds.

Todd Dwyer

Name: Todd Dwyer 
Years with Dell: 4
Specialty/Role: Environment Community Liaison 

When I'm not reading, blogging, or thinking about environmental topics, I'm either playing discgolf or working my second job as a kitty doorman.  I enjoy camping, playing music, or solving all the world's problems over pints with friends.  I can play the William Tell Overture on my teeth with a pen.

Debbie Gormley

Name: Debbie Gormley
Years with Dell: 9
Specialty/Role: Community Care Liaison 

I’m a native Texan, Austinite if you will. I was born and raised in Austin and I love it. I don’t think I’d ever move away from here but there are many other parts of the world I would like to visit. I play volleyball every Tuesday, go dancing every Saturday, and watch as many NBA games and UFC fights as my DVR will hold.

Jennifer HughesName: Jennifer Hughes 
Years with Dell: 8
Specialty/Role: Manager, Content & Metrics

At work, my role is what you might call – behind the scenes.  Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, swimming, singing like I’m a rock star and spending time with the family.  I watch too much TV and I have a bad habit of buying really cute shoes that hurt my feet.  I use words from the past like cool, groovy, awesome and rock-n-roll very often.  My favorite foods are pizza, watermelon and grilled onions… not all together!  My favorite color is green.  Not just crayon green, but something like a bright olive green.  The best days for me are: sunny, 74 degrees, light breeze, include a picnic blanket%20and my family.  Second best just needs the TN Titans playing football on the tube!  My heroes are very real and remarkable people that will likely never have an animated likeness on TV or in books – they know who they are!

Siobhan KennedyName: Siobhan Kennedy 
Years with Dell: 5
Specialty/Role: Global Planning

My name is Siobhan Kennedy.  I was born in Limerick which is in the mid-west region of Ireland. I moved to Austin with my husband almost 8 years ago. Adapting to the Texas climate was a slight challenge. In Texas, there are 300 days sunshine per year. In Ireland, there are 300 days of rain.

I have worked at Dell for 5 years, 3 1/2 years with the Product Group and the last 18 months with C&C. I am currently working on global planning.  I have 2 kids, Shea & Isha and spend most of my spare time with them.  I also enjoy running, reading and spinning.  My favorite super hero is Spiderman because I think Tobey McGuire is cute.

Vida KillianName: Vida Killian
Years with Dell: 9
Specialty/Role: Ideastorm

I have a name with just 4 letters, but people can’t seem to pronounce it or easily forget how to pronounce after being told.  It’s not Veeda (like the word life in Spanish) or vIda like the baseball player Vida Blue, it’s just Vi-da.  But it doesn’t really matter, because I respond to just about anything except Mrs. Killian, because that is my mother-in-law’s name.  And I like having a name that make a lot of people think of the word life because I love the motto “Life is Good.”  Spending time (preferably outside) with my 3 boys (hubby and 2 kiddos) and other family and friends is of the utmost importance to me. 

I’m learning more and more about Super Heros these days from my son since he is obsessed with them and asks me to act them out with him all the time.  So I have to say Elastagirl is most fitting for me because I think you have to be flexible and stretchy and nimble to stay on top of everything in life these days!

Geoff Knox

Name: Geoff Knox
Years with Dell: 3
Specialty/Role: Supervisor, Communities and Conversations Team.

I’m a confirmed internet junkie, and am fortunate enough to be working on a team that lives and breathes internet communities. I’m a native Californian transplanted to Texas where I get to enjoy some great eats, fantastic live music, and really good people. I follow professional football teams from Oakland with a passion that is almost cult- like. I consider Italian and Mexican food to be essential components of happiness, and coffee to be the glorious ambrosia from which contentment flows.

Kara Krautter

Name: Kara Krautter 
Years with Dell:
1 year and going strong 
Small Business Community Manager

Hey! I’m the Small Business Community Manager for Dell and have been at Dell for more than a year, previously working on the IdeaStorm team. I’m passionate about music (indie rock and down tempo), keeping up with current events and trends (fashion, gadgets, media), and uncovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.  When I’m not in my cube, I love being outside (hiking and running) and catching up with my friends and family.  According to an online quiz, I’m most like Spiderman – intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility. No too shabby! You can follow me on Twitter @kara_atDELL.

Brad Laurich

Name: Brad Laurich
Years with Dell:
Storage Community Liaison/Yahoo Answers! (TechKnow Brad) 

I’m a computer and technology enthusiast that has been in the computer industry for several years. In my spare time when I am not researching the latest gadgets I enjoy playing video games on both the computer and next-gen consoles. My favorite food is anything that has been flavored with habaneros or jalapeños. I also like watching a certain professional basketball team from Houston.   

Kelli Richardson LawsonName: Kelli Richardson Lawson
Years with Dell:
6 months (a newbie)
Global Consumer Innovation; What's Next?

A true hip hop mama with roots in Cleveland and Baltimore, I just transplanted myself (and my family) to the scorching heat of Austin!  Love to eat, shop, swim with my 2 little boys (aged 3 and 5), and have "date night" with my big boy (aged 43).  Looking for the Next Big Idea from all over the globe … what's the next Big Thing?

Jesse Leonard

Name: Jesse Leonard
Years with Dell:
Ubuntu and Vista Community Liaison

Prior to working for Dell in many support roles I spent 10 years or so in the Aircraft industry in San Diego, California.  I also served 6 years in the US Navy working on Aircraft and served as  SAR crewman (Search and Rescue). I listen  to Christian,  Rock and Country music. I enjoy going to concerts and motorcycle rallies in my spare time.. I am a lifelong member of HOG (Harley Owners Group). My favorite television shows are M*A*S*H and Seinfeld.  No matter how many times I watch the re-runs, I never get tired of the same ones over and over. 

Sean McDonald

Name: Sean McDonald
Years with Dell:
Leader of Dell Communities and Conversation Team.

Hi, I am Sean, named after Sean Connery - the best James Bond ever! I work with the best team at Dell that is focused on building and improving relationships with our customers that participate in social media and online communities. I am a father, husband, veteran, Beatles fan and University of Texas alum. Favorite foods - crab, lobster, pizza. I love to travel, willing to go to any place once. I have lived in Europe, South America and US and traveled to 4 of the 7 continents, and was 3 miles away from reaching my 5th continent (Africa).  My favorite superhero is Batman (the classic TV BATMAN).

Lionel Menchaca

Name: Lionel Menchaca
Years with Dell:
Chief Blogger

Hey folks. More than you want to know about me is here. I’m Dell’s Chief Blogger, which means I’m responsible for all things blogging. That also means I need to keep up with what’s happening in the world of social media. Beyond that, I like to keep up with PC tech trends, am a gadget freak, and also dabble in home theater stuff.  Best way to reach me is on Twitter @LionelatDell. When I’m not geeking out, I spend time with my wife Aileen and our kids, Louis and Mia. Speaking of family, we have two dogs: Maddie and Rory. If you're REALLY interested to know more about me for some reason, check out my 5 Things post. My favorite superhero is the Crow, because he knows how to make a killer soundtrack to go along with the major Hollywood adaptation of his story.

Chris MixonName: Chris Mixon
Years with Dell:
Desktop Community Liaison

I am the Desktop Liaison for Dell Communities. I have been a DCF (Dell Community Forum) moderator/liaison for about 6 years now, and been with Dell 10 years. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing golf and racketball, anything related to computers. You can see my complete bio here:

Dell-Chris_M Community Forum Profile

Jimmy Parish

Name: Jimmy Parish
Years with Dell:
Peripherals Community Liaison

My name is Jim, I have been at Dell for eight and a half years, online I am DELL-Jimmy_P. I'm the peripherals Liaison for Dell, that covers printers, monitors, Axims and projectors. I am an avid gamer, musician and motorcycle rider. Outside of work I enjoy watching Live music, riding and playing Eve Online.

Amie PaxtonName: Amie Paxton 
Years with Dell: 
Channel Community Manager

With over eight years of interactive program management, social media is transforming my career path. Since becoming a community manager my days have been crazy yet exciting all the while. Originally from the Midwest, I landed at UT Austin and have failed to leave this sweet city. An alum of the College of Communications, I am currently pursuing a masters in management.
When I have free time (lol), I’m passionate about travel and being a global gypsy. Any travel guru knows that martial arts are a must for any adventure; therefore, my favorite superhero is Iron Fist.

Bob PearsonName: Bob Pearson
Years with Dell:
VP, Communities and Conversations

I wear blue jeans and cowboy boots pretty much every day, so our team thought it would be funny for me to have a photo wearing tie and jacket and look like a corporate tool.  I obliged.  My favorite boots, by the way, are ostrich and lizard.  I spent 20 years working in healthcare before coming to Dell, where I worked closely with doctors and people who had cancer, HIV, Lou Gehrig’s disease and more.  This experience taught me that you can never work too hard or too fast to find an answer for your customer.  When I’m not at Dell, I enjoy time with my family, read a lot (mainly history and politics), I volunteer for the State of Texas and I’m involved in a few boards, including one company dedicated to developing new cancer therapies, where I can share some of the knowledge I picked up over the years.  My main passion at work?  I’m incredibly excited about the potential we have to innovate and improve with our customers online.  I see what we do as a partnership that is evolving and increasing in importance every day.

Robert Peek

Name: Robert Peek
Years with Dell:
Small Business Community Liaison

I’ve grown up in the Austin area, started working in the Emergency Medical Field, then moved into Law Enforcement.  From there I started several successful small businesses in the area; an EMS training school, Private Detective agency, Security Guard company, and a Nightclub on 6th Street.  Started working for Dell in December of 2003 in Sales, then Returns, Dell Direct Stores, and now I’m with Community.  I’ve always liked helping people and have looked out for the underdog.  My favorite Superhero is Green Lantern.  He could use his ring to channel willpower in the form of green energy.  The energy could do just about anything, like blasting a ray of energy like a laser, a force field, flying, and could create solid objects with it.

John PopeName: John Pope 
Years with Dell: 
Your Blog lead editor/moderator

JohnP@Dell, here, a.k.a. JohnatDELL on Twitter. I'm an old dog communicator who has managed to learn a few new social media tricks. When not planning scuba dives and travels to remote places, I'm helping to turn Dell's new digital lifestyle blog -- Your Blog -- into a place where people will want to hang out from time to time. Join the coversation at

Gina QuirozName: Gina Quiroz 
Years with Dell:
Sr. Admin/Process Lead

I’ve worked at Dell for 5 years starting as a front line tech and then moved to the Community. I enjoy watching my son’s extra activities like baseball and we enjoy going to the Round Rock Express games regularly. I love all kinds of movies and many of my friends come and borrow mine instead of going to the video store. However, I only allow those who have promised me their first born to borrow the movies. I do keep hostages. I also enjoy all things gadget. If there’s a%20new gadget I try to figure out a way to get it.

Larry Robinson

Name: Larry Robinson
Years with Dell:
XP and Software Community Liaison

My name is Larry and I’m the liaison for XP and Software on the DCF.  I’m interested in computers, logic puzzles and the ‘fun’ of troubleshooting computers (‘cause it’s usually a logic puzzle).  I also read quite a bit, when I’m not spending time at home either playing online games or programming on my linux system at home.  While there are a number of superheroes I like, I’d have to say my favorites are Spiderman and Batman (such wonderful toys!).

Todd Smart

Name: Todd Smart
Years with Dell:
Community Admin.

Hello, my name is Todd and as the Community Outreach Admin I work to support our Community Liaisons as they help to resolve customer issues.  I’m originally from Western New York and enjoy being a yankee in Texas.   I’ve been with Dell for a little over 4 years and as a lifelong Bills and Sabres fan I try to put up a good fight against all these Cowboy bandwagon fans but I’m sadly outnumbered.   My favorite superhero is The Vision from The Avengers.

Dennis Smith

Name: Dennis Smith
Years with Dell:
Server/Storage Community Liaison

Hi, my name is Dennis and I am the Server/Storage Liaison for Dell.  I have been part of the community for about 8 months now, and been with DELL 5 years.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 kids, playing sports, car audio/electronics, and of course anything related to computers.  I would have to say my favorite superhero would have to be Chuck Norris; if you really have to ask why, see here: 

Chuck Norris Facts

Christine StoutName: Christine Stout 
Years with Dell: 
Rewards and Recognition Project Manager

When not at work making our members happy with surprise and delights, I am all about spending “Happy Family Time” with my loved ones, friends and playing with my new puppy Willow.   I have to say that life for me is all about creating memorable moments where we can share laughter and just enjoy the best that life has to offer.  Some of my favorite local activities are checking out all of the new restaurants, shopping (of course), attempting to play golf and taking my puppy on long walks around Austin with my hubby.    

My favorite superhero would have to be X-men Jean Grey (a.k.a. the Phoenix) who is an omega-level telepathic mutant.  (fun to say huh) =)

Laura P. ThomasName: Laura P. Thomas 
Years with Dell: 
Corporate Content Manager for and Metaverse Evangelist

I’ve come a long way, baby! From a very small town in northeast Louisiana with 32 people in my graduating class to managing the home page of, a web site that receives around 32 million visitors every week. I was born Laura Pevehouse, but you can now find me as Pyrrha Dell inside the virtual world of Second Life, or @LPT on Twitter, and Laura P. Thomas here at Dell.  When I’m not online I enjoy playing with my daughter, reading, cooking, watching LSU football or listening to some of the great musicians we have here in “The Live Music Capital of the World”.

Jacqui ZhouName: Jacqui Zhou 
Years with Dell: 
Direct2Dell Chinese Administrator

Hello. I am Jacqui. I manage Dell's Chinese corporate blog ( Born and raised in Shanghai, China, I have always wanted to travel and see the world. After I got my college degree in international journalism, I moved to Beijing and became a  TV news anchor and reporter. I came to the United States four years ago to continue my study in communications. When I tell my friends I live in Austin Texas  now and my job is blogging for Dell, they find it quite unbelievable. :-) When I am not blogging, I like to travel, try gourmet food, watch movies and play Super Mario. You can learn more about me by following my Twitter @jackquiatDell.